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You’ve worked hard, paid trainers, gone to camps, bought the latest shoes, why would you not invest in the best college recruiting video to show your future coach? A coaches time is limited. 1,000’s of Athletes are sending in film, we’ll help you STAND OUT. Although important, recruiters don’t just want to see when you make a block, score a goal, make a tackle or dunk the ball. In college and professional sports, most of the athletes can perform those tasks. When you choose XLI Sports for filming and editing, we include those great events, but we also showcase the plays that coaches are looking for that may not be as evident as a fan, but stick out to your future coach. You may only have one opportunity to shine, but with XLI Sports, you’ll have the best runway to showcase your talents. We’ve compiled hundreds of videos for high schools, college and pros. We’ve sat behind closed doors with the coaches as they’ve made picks. Now it’s your opportunity to get our experience. We provide College Recruiting Videos, Professional Recruiting Videos and Individual and Team Highlight Videos. Send us your footage or have us film your game in recruiting or highlight style. We always film in High Definition (since 2006). We travel worldwide.

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Getting ready to play at the next level, be that college or professional, can be an exciting experience. It can also be confusing.We have put together some frequently asked questions about when to start and film footage here. These are just some of the basics. We can answer your other questions, just send them here.

Individual and Team Highlight Videos

College Recruiting and Highlight VideosHighlight videos are a way to make plays last forever. An athlete will never be in the stage of life that they are right at this moment. One day it’s all over. Sure you have memories, but what about the people who weren’t there? How do you REALLY describe the amazing game in your mind? Maybe you want your athlete or team to get pumped up for the next game. HIGHLIGHTS! There is no substitution for video and there is no substitution for High Definition in your face Highlights. When you can almost feel the hits, dunk the flying beads of sweat, see the effort on faces and see the crowd storm the field, you understand the value of a highlight video. That game, that play, that, second, doesn’t come back… unless you have a highlight reel. Then you can play it over and over. We can upload to YouTube or create a DVD. You can show it to the guys at work, at school or on a vacation. It can even motivate an Athlete to play better. There really is no substitution for a good highlight video. We film your video in high definition and we edit through our high end hollywood style editing systems (we have literally edited movie trailers with these systems). All you need to do is contact us and enjoy. You won’t regret it!

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Motivational Highlight Reels

Your Team may just need a little motivation. We can do game highlight reels or full season. The choice is yours. Here’s an Example:



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