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College Recruiting Advice to some Frequently Asked Questions

One Thing in Common

Many of you have probably talked to a 3rd party recruiter. They will tell you about getting good grades and techniques they use to get you an edge. They all have slightly different college recruiting advice and strategies to get you there. However, there is one thing that every coach and every recruiter in the nation will tell you… you need VIDEO. The best college recruiting advice is to get your best efforts right in front of coaches. In today’s world you need to have a college recruiting video.

Can I Just Send in a Game Tape?

College Recruiting Advice

Sample Highlight DVD

Here we tackle the raw game footage. Our college recruiting advice is best understood when you consider yourself as the coach making the decisions. Imagine you are a coach and you are interested in recruiting players for your school. Where do you start? You have probably heard of a few Athletes. Maybe a few coaches have talked to you. You might go to some games. But what about all of the kids that you haven’t heard of? What about the Athletes flying under the radar. You go to your desk and there they are. Piles upon piles of DVD’s. You watch one after another. Hundreds of Athletes wanting to come to your school. Will you have time to watch one to two hours of game footage on every player? How many plays are you actually appeal to the recruiter?

We help you STAND OUT. We will provide you with a highlight video showing what you are capable of. In a few short minutes, not only did you not waste the coaches time, but you have shown him what you are capable of. From here a coach will probably want to see an unedited game.

See how much better that was? STAND OUT. Get quality film. Show coaches what you can do and keep their attention. Most of all you’ll get our experience from sitting in with coaches during cuts and seeing what coaches actually look for. When we film for you, we’ll film in styles that meet the needs of the coaches. Sure you could just send in a game film (showing your entire team), any video is better than nothing. If you are really serious about playing in the next level, our college recruiting advice would be to get a professional video created in a style that appeals to coaches. A video from XLISports will help you STAND OUT from the rest. You can see the College Recruiting and highlight packages here.

College Recruiting Advice

When should you have a recruiting video made?

Here’s our college recruiting advice concerning when to send in your tape. Ideally it is good to get your name and game tapes out to coaches sooner rather than later. We have done recruiting videos as early as the freshmen year. Sophomore year or junior year is ideal. This gives coaches enough time to get to know you and possibly come out to see you play. Even if they don’t come out, they have time to follow you during the season. Many are being offered scholarships and verbal commitments (spring/summer) between the junior and senior years. That being said, if you are a senior it does not mean it’s too late. We have had plenty still get into college after creating a recruiting video during the senior year. However, generally you will more interest and schools will have better offers if you can get your video sent in during your sophomore or junior year.

Contact us today, It will be worth your time.

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