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We are always looking for people with passion for sports! We have sports jobs for:

Filming – We are always looking for people who understand sports but also love filming. Our style of film may include filming from a crows nest, the sideline or anywhere in-between. The styles can vary depending on what we are trying to accomplish for the client. We are looking for talented videographers that can get the shot. If you have experience in filming sports with a video camera or DSLR, contact us. Let us know which sports you’ve filmed and what equipment you are comfortable with. Please also let us know your location and if you are willing to travel.

Editing – Good editing can make or break a video. You are the one who will compile the shots and add FX to make it standout. We are looking for editors with a minimum 3 years experience. We are looking for editors who are skilled and love sports. If this is you, a sports job in editing may be for you. Contact us. Let us know which programs you have experience in and for how many years.

Sales (nationwide. Immediate openings) – We have immediate openings for sports jobs in sales. You could be talking with top recruits in high schools. You could be securing highlights in colleges. You could be selling to professional sports teams. A sports job in sales is one that most only dream of.  If you’ve perfected your talent in sales. If you love sports. This may be your opportunity to enjoy everyday.

Referrals (worldwide) – No talent necessary! All you need is a desire to make money and refer athletes or their parents. Follow our procedures at the bottom of this page so you can make sure to get paid. That’s it. Now go get yourself some $$$$.

With XLI Sports we are looking for people with a passion for sports and their jobs. Imagine spending your work days surrounded in sports. You may think. “work…. sports… that’s an oxymoron”. Not with us. We live and breathe sports! Whether you can sell, edit, film or refer people, you may be want we are looking for. In you’re interested in expanding your career with a job in sports. please send your resume to us through our contact page. Include your available hours, location, any equipment/programs you have or are educated with and rate.

XLI Jobs Referral

Sports jobs don’t have to be a full-time commitment. With our Sports jobs Referral program, you can make money telling your neighbors or when you attend a game. Now you can make money everywhere and it’s EASY!

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